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Big Leo Energy

Mouth of Truth, Rome, Image from Google Images

I wonder who else finds the energetic shifts throughout July so evocative and transformative, while simultaneously haunting, as the polarizing flux from Cancer's inner energy to Leo's outward energy births us into renewed personal empowerment. It has been hard to sit and be still lately, as I vibrate on the frequency of Big Leo that is physically expressive, expansive, and unconstrained. Ultimately, Leo season is the perfect astrological month to develop a healthier working relationship between mind and body, so that the body can outwardly manifest in the 3D world. Let's welcome these manifestations within the paradoxical beauty and chaos that pulls fire and water energies together. Acknowledge how the inner energy of fire has been building all summer long, through the physical density of heat in the Northern Hemisphere, and within the heat, we find ourselves pulled to physically express ourselves in different ways. As the red July sun fuels our bodies with forceful and dense energy, we move more slowly, but not necessarily more cautiously. I anticipate that over the course of this month, we will eventually become drawn only to movement that is purposeful and intentional. Through writing I choose to honor both astrological components in July, which are dually empowering, and especially as it is deeply resonates with my own birth chart as a Leo Rising and Cancer Sun.

I offer a reminder, to relinquish any lingering and unwanted thoughts from the earlier July in Cancer, especially if those mindsets do not serve your current outer experience and physical expression. To fully embrace yourself with love during this Leo season, enjoy the sensory pleasures associated with freedom and engage in activities that allow you to feel unconstrained and liberated. Leo is the embodiment of creativity, sensuality and of physical manifestations. Acknowledge the "okayness" within the energy as it can become chaotic and all-consuming; fire energy is like that. And what is summer for, if not allowing the emergence of renewal and transformation through fire?

An analogy of empowerment through fire is through observing pyrophytic plants, which have evolutionarily adapted to grow through fire. Some species, including lodgepole pines seen in Yellowstone, have fire activated seeds, which means they can only grow after the heat and destruction from fire. Symbolically, fire becomes necessary for both inner and outer metamorphosis. Allow whatever cleansing that occurred during Cancer season to leave you renewed, while also recognizing that destruction is often necessary for transformation. Often, water is too gentle to effectively force any kind of inner growth that is ultimately necessary despite being immediately painful or challenging. And perhaps it is the lengthened hours of daylight, the pockets at which we view the sunrise or sunset with an emergent aliveness, that makes the summer season a more intense creation of energy in general.

The fullest expression of Leo occurs when we can honor how the Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption creates the realities in our exterior and physical spaces. It is through the reframing and affirming of our inner worlds that everything can occur in the 3D. However, I believe it is necessary to move more slowly and intentionally through this energetic transition so that purposeful physical manifestations can arise this upcoming month. It is important to recognize that not all desires that come to fruition will serve your highest self; some desires exist for growth or as karmic lessons, but even as they occur, we must hold them with high value. It is only through our 3D existence that we are given physical lessons that nurture our inner growth; this is the paradox that beauty and suffering can only co-exist as mirrors to each other. Often it is through karmic lessons that we come to terms in acknowledging our individuality and core values more deeply, and emerge into a space of self love. I invite everyone to take bigger risks this Leo season, and to not fear mistakes as they are opportunities to arrive at ourselves more honestly, more compassionately, and authentically :).


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